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You’ve noticed them while you’re shopping and even in your own company—associates who are uncertain and therefore work slowly and make errors. They get flustered and skip steps. Their confidence crumbles. Bad actors also see it, and they will target the flustered cashier or a confused call center representative with a scam.

Supportive coaching helps build the confidence associates need.

With the peak shopping and returns season around the corner, you want to be sure employees apply processes and policies consistently. You don’t just need to focus on new hires, existing staff often have gaps in performance that cause your company loss.

The following infographic offers five tips on making supportive coaching part of your process.


Your company can make supportive coaching more manageable and effective using Appriss® Secure Coach. This module helps managers identify employees who need additional coaching to overcome specific habits or procedures that cause loss or degrade the shopping experience. In a truly supportive manner, Coach also aids in recognizing top performers. Managers can easily see which employees are going the extra mile and deserve recognition such as employee of the month or potentially a promotion.

What Can Secure Coach Do For My Business?



Leslie Nienaber, Digital Marketing Manager, Appriss Retail 

Leslie researches business trends and distills the information for a retail audience. Her marketing experience has covered a wide variety of industries, including promotional products, microbiology, print, and mail. She spent five years in the retail industry before graduating with her Bachelors in Business Administration from John Carroll University.

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