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Executive Summary

Case, incident, and audit management applications provide clients with tools they need in today’s retail environment to manage and mitigate for duty of care, legal compliance, and safety during this pandemic.

Appriss Retail’s case and incident management applications, LPMS and CAMS, can help manage deployment and support of COVID-19 topics post-initial wave, escalation of crisis management processes if additional waves occur, and de-escalation back to business as usual.

LPMS and CAMS and COVID-19 Related Actions

LPMS case/incident management and CAMS audit applications are excellent and flexible tools for monitoring and reporting on everything COVID-19, today and into the future. Below are some tips to help you navigate the additional responsibilities associated with re-opening, tracking, and reporting on COVID-19 related care, compliance, and safety incidents.


1. Employee Health Assessment. Create an audit to help employees assess risk and determine whether it is safe to return to work or if they should self-isolate.

  • Download a quick, four-question audit that current LPMS/CAMS users can use to track employee health statuses.


2. COVID-19 Daily/Weekly Checklist. Create an audit that contains your company’s specific COVID-19 related questions.

  • An example checklist is available and is ready for import by current LPMS/CAMS users.


3. COVID-19 Incidents. Create new screens or add case types for capturing COVID-19 activity.

  • Employee Illness – An example exists that shows fields that could be used in creating a record related to reporting employee illnesses.
  • Positive Results – Add a case type to track employees that tested positive for the virus, the last time they worked, the store(s) they work in, etc. (To comply with healthcare privacy issues, you may choose to anonymize the data and not capture specific employee information.)
  • Business Interruption – Create an event type that includes dates/times of closure. LPMS has a specific table for business interruption containing these fields.
  • Fraudulent Activity/Scams Related to COVID-19 – Add an event type specific to COVID-19.


4. Reports. Create special reports to spot trends and identify hotspots.

  • Training videos covering how to create COVID-19 reports exist for current LPMS/CAMS users.


5. Smart Alerts. Set up smart alerts to notify company or local leadership of any positive test results of employees or other critical incidents.


6. Message of the Day. Use the message of the day feature to relay important messages to your team.

  • This could include reminders of new processes, reinforce corporate communications about your company’s response, or any other pertinent information related to COVID-19.


Appriss Retail’s LPMS and CAMS applications are ready to help clients address COVID-19 and offer users a complete case and audit management solution.

Has the pandemic changed your store operations? You may be interested in Appriss Retail’s research on the connections among COVID-19, risk, and unemployment.




Denice Escate, Director of Client Services, Appriss Retail

Denice Escate is the senior director of client services at Appriss Retail and a valued resource for many Tier-1 and Tier-2 retailers. Her software knowledge is enhanced by a long history in retail management, training, audit, and business intelligence reporting. Denice is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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